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The Enrolled Missouri Militia, 4th Military District, Order Book

On August 17, 1861 Missouri Governor Hamilton R. Gamble ordered a proclamation establishing the Missouri State Militia for defense of the State against guerrilla activity. Gamble soon realized the need for additional troops, and on July 22, 1862 he issued General Order Number 29 organizing the Enrolled Missouri Militia (EMM). General Colley B. Holland assumed command of the 4th Military district, consisting of the counties in southwest Missouri, on October 30, 1862. Based in Springfield, Missouri, roughly 2,500 men reported for duty, operating under the jurisdiction of the State of Missouri. Holland’s documented all activities related to his command in the enrolled Missouri Militia order book for the 4th Military District in Southwest Missouri, from November 1862 through May 1863. His reports cover the Battles of Springfield and Hartville and also include details about depredation in Southwest Missouri and the extensive guerrilla activity that took place in the region.

The William Dameron Papers

The William Dameron papers document the incarceration of William and his attempt to obtain parole. In October of 1864, William was captured as a Confederate prisoner of war in Stone County, Missouri. He taken to Springfield, Missouri and later transferred to St. Louis for incarceration. William proclaimed Union loyalties, service in the Enrolled Missouri Militia, and forced conscription into the Confederate Army. He wrote his wife asking for assistance in obtaining his freedom. This collection contains two letters home, and his prisoner of war examinations.